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house republicans will give them and does having paul ryan as liaison to the house change things? >> of course it does. i think if the governor wins or if the president is re-elected, they both will understand that in their term of office the one predictable catastrophic event that's going to occur is the fiscal meltdown as a result of our accumulation of death and there will be an attack on the dollar and it will become a very dramatic and depressing economic eve event. whoever is the next president will have to step up to this issue. i think mitt romney would do it in a more aggressive way and effective way but the simple fact is they're going to have to do it and it will have to be bipartisan. you can't address these big issues like medicare, medicaid, social security and tax reform unless you do it in a bipartisan way. that's why we have joined together with large group of people including a lot of folks working in the senate and the house to try to reach a process to get to an agreement. >> we'll leave it there. senator, governor, good to have you on the program. thanks for
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1